Vermont 2013In the last half of yesterday’s century people’s attitudes towards being solitary or as others may call it singleness have changed greatly especially for us women who in today’s world can support ourselves and very well may I add and no longer have any fear of speaking our minds and defend ourselves

When one day we wake up to the shock that we have lost our spouse or a companion through death or even rejection

That can become momentarily debilitating

It can cause a change of pace in your life maybe causing some temporary depression

To loose that person with whom you shared decision making and responsibilities can be disorienting

For me losing my husband to death made me fragile finding myself flourishing in self pity which completely drained my energies

I then had to snap out of it which wasn’t so easy once I got myself safely situated in having a battered ego

Poor Me…

The goal for me had to be one thing and one thing only…to be happyDeath_by_MskyCarmenI decided that this change in the pattern of my life would be looked upon as a positive opportunity a time for some special fulfillments for me

Channeling that into new hobbies and interests that perhaps have been dormant within myself for many years

Doors to new experiences opened up as I began to pursue those new interests

…and just plain and simply enjoyed

The time had arrived to feel proud of myself and finally get my act together

I began to keep my eyes wide open so not to miss any new directions that came my way

And follow down that path of opportunity that lie ahead

I was touched harshly by sadness but I had to forge ahead with this new life of mine and allow the healing process to begin ❤


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2 Responses to the WIDOW

  1. Whether losing by death or even by choice your life goes into a tail spin and can spiral out of control finding balance again, finding the new self can be a long road. You are strong and resilient and this is such an important and powerful messge.

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