mvibEke-hourglass-wallpaperWRITING LETTERS

Sometimes we need to put pen to paper to express ourselves to communicate with one another is still held sacred within those written words

It touches that person in way nothing else can

It’s something that we see look at and read over and over again

Sometimes with great enjoyment and happiness receiving a pleasant beautiful letter to express love or a thank you

Or to say a very effective I’m sorry

Your emotions your utmost deep feelings sealed in a gift of writing

Using the sensitive tools of communication… the pen and the paperWriting The Bible How do I start this letter

Be sincere
Be humble
Be honest

Or else you probably won’t accomplish the mission

It’s a gracious gesture to congratulate someone on their good fortune

A little note so unexpected to receive or to send to motivate a pleasant thought in that person’s mind and yours

Just a simple hello…

Brightens someone’s day

Mention something noteworthy like a special event you attended the Spring Season that has finally rolled around or let that individual know you are thinking about them

A letter sent to say you understand what a terrible blow death is with a few added personal memories of the deceased

It’s a handmade present spent with your time effort and thoughts

I began writing a letter to someone I haven’t seen for a long time

I tore it up and started over again paying attention to how I expressed myself and the style of the letter

Wondering if he would possibly save my letter…I think he might!Letters-2

…I wanted to make sure I conveyed the true emotions of my heart in those words then I sprinkled a drop or two of my favorite perfume on the letter and sent it out to him…❤


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