Featured Image -- 32889MAGICK

It is one of the best ways to gain control and bring harmony back into your life

Magick unleashes your personal power and can provide you with the upper hand that edge you will need to succeed in many situations

It builds strength in your Will and courage in your Heart

Allowing faith to grow in your very Soul

One of the easiest and convenient ways to begin Magick is through the Casting of a Spell

Anyone can perform Spells

All you need to make a Spell is an open mind the desire to succeed and don’t forget to bring along your curiosity to experimentCandles-2Use the Power of your Will through the Flame of a Candle

Rely on the help of herbs plants and minerals

All working together with the Phases of the Moon which by the way can easily be found in The Old Farmers Almanac

The New Moon:
begin projects ~ attract money ~ regenerate friendships ~ career ~ marriage

The Full Moon:
personal success ~ love ~ a time to bring things that you want or need to yourself or others

The Waning Moon:
get rid of that built up negative energies

The Dark Moon:
rest ~ getting your thoughts and plans together and ready

The Waxing Moon:
grow grow grow…in whatever area in your life you are working onGothic-chicPlease the most important thing to remember is to not be disillusioned if your Magick does not work immediately

Some Spells will take longer to work than others

And others will have to be practiced until perfect

Just keep the faith in your work and your wishes will come true ❤


…good things come to those who wait…VIOLET FANE 1892

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