591412It arouses every artery
Floods the body with energy
Pulsing every nerve

Brings joy into a heart
Humbles the soul
Gives a spirit a destination

It can be dangerous
It might leave you with peace
Voices could pour out

The barriers will be dropped
Ecstasy will be reached
In the end a desire is achieved

It is all woven together
As Magick moulds into form
Awareness that flesh and spirit are one

That natural determination
Winds that soar from mind into body
As power passes through a thoughtWitch-2…all upon the strength of a Witch’s Will…


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6 Responses to ESSENCE of MAGICK

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  2. chris jensen says:

    A driven by

    the quiet power of magick!

    Written within the witch’s song…

    kisses chris

  3. MoonSeaPoetry says:

    Yes! I need more of this!

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