239094 There are days I sometimes feel less beautiful…

That deeper light of beauty we all hold inside of us may just need a little push to be activated

Start releasing the true essence of your own beauty and begin to change the way others see you and you will change the way you see yourself

Make heads turn…❤

Then they will be able to see your glow which will not be contained once you release itdark_emo_gothic_fetish_girl_girls_vampire_cyber_goth_1920x1080-3GLAMOUR SPELL

This Spell is one of my favorites because it not only will bring out your physical beauty but it will also bring out in you your confidence while it works on your very own self improvement

I actually relate to this Spell as an exercise in personal development in motivating myself to do better with “me”

This type of Spell should be done at least once a week just to keep you focused

Some people I know who I introduced the Glamour Spell to especially those in the business world or for those who socialize and want to be at their best do the the Glamour Spell every evening when they get home

Or just before they leave the house

Find what fits your life style then do itdark_emo_gothic_fetish_girl_girls_vampire_cyber_goth_1920x1080-2We start with a Blue Candle a Mirror a dark quiet room and a chair and a table

Sit down in the chair at the table

Light the candle in front of the mirror

Use a mirror that has a stand so your hands are free from interfering with your focus

Make sure all electric lights are off and the room is indeed very quiet

No people
No phone

After the candle is lit in front of the mirror stare into the mirror

Look deep into your own eyes while in your head counting to 21

Look deep and focus hard at your eyes in the mirror

Visualize a Circle of Gold light around you

Repeat your first and last name 21 times

Ask to be inspired ~ motivated ~ successful and beautiful 21 times

See your inner beauty shine in the candlelight of the mirror

It’s right there in front of you just look you’ll see it…❤

Remember that your beauty starts from within so begin to bring it out to your surface

Keep this going for 21 minutes to see yourself in the mirror

If need be set a timer for 21 minutes

Extinguish the Blue Candle and use the same candle for the next 21 days of the Spell just re-light it

Yes the Glamour Spell must be done for 21 consecutive nights starting at the night of the New Moon so as the Moon grows into Full so does your beauty and confidence

When you’re in public think about that wonderful and beautiful Gold light that circles around youdark_emo_gothic_fetish_girl_girls_vampire_cyber_goth_1920x1080-1After you have completed the 21 straight days of the Spell continue with the Spell at least once a week to maintain that glow from within you


…and PS…gentlemen you too can do this spell to improve the way you see yourself and yes even men have an inner beauty that one can bring out we usually call it…handsome 💋


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