Sacred Spaces


Craft of the witch


The power of a sacred space in your practice is important to your spiritual sanity! Or balance, whichever you prefer to name it. I’ve started calling it “spiritual sanity” because when I am unbalanced in my spirit, I feel legitimately insane. Like:


I’ve noticed over the years that my sacred space is where I find the a majority of my spiritual balance. Being able to physically go somewhere that I feel I can relax, meditate, read, or write spells/prayers, has a significant effect on me. Because we pagans don’t have temples anymore, and not many of us can go to a stone circle to reconnect, we need to create a space inside our home.

Many Witches will use a simple side-table or nightstand with some nice crystals, candles, and maybe a tool or two. Some Witches are badass enough toaltar-example use something bigger and decorate it all bomb-ass with beautiful and…

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