When Mandrake and Belladonna come to visit (Part II)


The Rose and Thistle

Saturday: Got up early and went straight to my altar, which I prepared yesterday evening  (See Part I). After creating sacred space and appeasing the spirits with offerings of incense and wine, I carefully measured out the dry ingredients. In a mortar and pestle I coarsely ground each ingredient down. The fullsizeoutput_d64use of the mortar and pestle represents the coming together of male and female (or should I rather say of opposites). This represents the Hieros Gamos or the Sabbatic Goat of the Witch Gnosis. This energy is imbued upon the herbs and will then aid the witch during rites where the ointment is used.

fullsizeoutput_d63I place the coarsely ground herbs* into a 1l mason jar. The jar is then placed on the Pentacle of Manifestation or Hearth Stone and I then say a short prayer to St. Anastasia (She protects against poisoning, always practice safety first*).


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