Salt is one of the core skills any person engaged in magick especially beginners are encouraged to become familiar with

Begin to learn when there are various rhythms in your home or many different types of vibrations surrounding you inside your place of peace and relaxation

That need to go

Think about who has been in your home lately of their own vibrations they have left behind in your home

The room you entertained in and the people that occupied it

You can observe how your body responds to certain things your guests have left behind like for example their lingering perfume or after shave ~ finding a lock of hair ~ even a button or a thread

All these things contain the energy of the person they came from

And now that energy is in the atmosphere in your home

This is a simple method for any change in the air in your home

It’s like vacuuming the atmospherecottage hearrth


Find a beautiful clear glass bowl or jar any size will do

Fill with salt any amount it matters not

Place that bowl near the hearth of the home somewhere at the center of the house

Could be the kitchen ~ living room ~ den ~ dining room

A place where everyone gathers

Leave the bowl there for 3 days

Let it clear the atmosphere

On the 3rd day take the bowl and salt somewhere you can release the psychic attachment it has absorbed

A river or lake

A forest or beach

A fire or in the rain

Slowly empty the bowl along with your thoughts and worries

This can be done once a week or once a month to cleanse the atmosphere in your home to improve it do this even if no guest crossed your doorwayjanuary table settingThis simple spell is good to do after a party so that the vibes from others chemistry do not enter your mind your senses or your feelings to cause obstacles to block your path


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