Marvel_Light_heart_love_valentine_1920x1080Drawing Doodles is a playful and creative activity where there is no pressure on you in the outcome of your scribbling

We can secretly explore our thoughts from what we doodle down on paper what we scribble on the scroll

Every geometric shape we doodle and scribble have meanings

Knowing those meanings might just open the door to your hidden desired goals or a way to look forward into the future of what is to come

Those shapes represent the logical mind your vision of dreams and drawings we need to put to magickal use

The images of our buried subconscious our ability to think and to interpret our plans aheadGoth Girl-1

HORIZONTAL LINES: represent a path symbolic of the dual nature of humanity such as good and evil ~ beginning to end ~ male and female

VERTICAL LINES: represent the body and the trees like the “tree of life” shows the connection of all creation in the world and how everything is connected

CURVY LINES: follow no plan are free flowing as those curvy lines accept things as they are and continue to be spontaneous

TRIANGLE: or a pyramid shape represent aspiration and ambition it shows a desire to advance in life

CIRCLE: associated with the sun or the earth ~ with no beginning or end ~ circles are a limitless symbol of completeness and eternity

RECTANGLE: assess situations ~ thinking ahead ~ thoughts on the future things in life ~ realizing a change is needed or wanted

SQUARE: a need to be in control ~ a good sense of order ~ exploration and experimentation ~ planning ahead and organized

PENTACLE: balance ~ harmony in the universe and in the human bodyFancyPentagramBarWhen it comes to SpellWork having the right mindset is important so therefore it would be wise to save those doodles and date them perhaps on the top right hand corner of the paper so we can remember what we created while feeling relaxed safe and comfortable or that day we felt crazy wild and angry ♠


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