On the table was a white tea cloth with silver trays on opposite ends of the table

One for Tea the other for Coffee as the Tea is set up farthest from the entrance and the Coffee closest to it

Everything was set up buffet style with cups ~ small plates ~ silverware as well as some very special tea foods

Finger Sandwiches
Sesame Seed Cookies
Lady Godiva Chocolates

Once the Ladies receive of the cup from the hands of the teamaker they are then expected to help themselves to the various things upon the table

It’s self-service around here

I reserved my energies for seeing that my Guests enjoy themselves as I delegated the pouring of Tea to two of my friends so they could get well acquainted with our Ritual

The Ladies began to seat themselves at opposite ends of the table before the trays and helped to serve each other

The room in which the Formal Tea was served was well lit as the drapes were drawn for our private entertainment

Tall white candles are the prettiest ones to use…don’t you think so

As I began to brew another pot of my very special Tea the secret recipe as faultless as the linen and silverTea TimeAnd yes…it is permissible to return to the buffet table as many times as one wishes for more Tea or Coffee but one waits until any who have not yet been served have received theirs before asking for more

We sat and talked and never did we shake our poise!

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2 Responses to FORMAL TEA

  1. Would love to have a ladies tea.

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