How to use a Pendulum


Ankur Gems

A very brief history of pendulums

Pendulums have an amazing range of uses and have been employed by many different cultures for thousands of years. The oldest known recorded pendulum use is eight thousand years old, recorded in ancient cave drawings in Algeria. Chinese emperors used pendulums to predict the future. Moses used one to discover water hidden in a rock. Pendulums have fallen in and out of favor over the years, and at times were outlawed and feared. There are a lot of misconceptions about pendulums even today – fears that make some people leery of their strange “power”, and others entranced by it. There is nothing to fear here. It is human energy, working in concert with the natural world around you that makes the pendulum swing in a meaningful way.

What is a Pendulum ?
Any thing which is tied to a string is a pendulum.


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2 Responses to How to use a Pendulum

  1. MoonSeaPoetry says:

    Oh thanks for sharing this post! I’ve asked around in the past, where pendulum use could like a spirit board open yourself to negative entities. But it seems like the answer is no, since it is your own energy that is helping the pendulum work.

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