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a SINGLE THORN Add one single thorn to a tincture to a brew or any of your SpellWork that you are preparing to give it a powerful shift A single thorn is a beautiful way to put a protective shield … Continue reading

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Strengthening Love (Spell Saturday #42)

Originally posted on This Crooked Crown:
A spell for strengthening love between two consenting partners. Ideally, both parties are already in a committed relationship together. It’s a simple knot spell that can be done simply or can be done in…

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Originally posted on Craft of the witch :
I don’t think it’s any secret to pagans and witches that there are times when the magick just doesn’t seem to be there. It’s not like it just disappears. But, your connection to…

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Crystal of the Week: Rose Quartz

Originally posted on chakra chelsie:
Rose Quartz is a classic favorite. The stone of all types of love. We all have those mornings where we wake up and it feels like the ego is screaming in our brain- “you aren’t…

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Rose Quartz, The Stone of Love…

Originally posted on Beauty X Bracelets:
Shades of Jade, Rose Quartz, and White Howlite are true conductors of loves energy, colors of magenta, fuchsia, red, pink, white, adorned with love symbols, transmits the consciousness to say, “Its time to express…

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Winter Rose: A Simple, Natural Beauty Tonic

Originally posted on Connected With Life:
In our islands, roses are a brief winter delight. This morning, Fernando brought me some wild roses – they were already wilting because of the very cold night we had, so I decided to…

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The Medicinal Rose

Originally posted on JackCollier7:
Not All Roses Are The Same. Some say that one should never use garden hybrid roses for medicinal purposes.  And, that there are more than 300 active compounds present in roses, of which only about 100…

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