Fresh Herbs and their uses


Relax ... you've got this!

Fresh herbs add so much to even the simplest meals—an easy way to add flavor.  You could even create your own herb garden to pull from in the summer and early fall (gardening can be such a relaxing, stress-reducing activity). If you can’t do that, you can always buy fresh herbs at the grocery store at a farmers’ market.

But if you’ve never cooked with fresh herbs before, they can be a bit overwhelming.  To help you out, we’ve put together this little list for you.  Have fun experimenting and adding a flavor boost to your meals!


  • Burnet with salads or poultry
  • Chervil with salads or fish
  • Cilantro with pasta, salads, fish, or salsas
  • Sweet basil with chicken or fish, pasta, tomatoes and other vegetables
  • Dill with chicken or fish
  • Lemon balm with fish or fruit
  • Oregano with vegetables or pasta
  • Mint with salads or fruits
  • Rosemary with chicken, veal…

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