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…the part that’s left over

I unplug for a while with just a moment of stillness and calm I learned a long time ago how important it is to snatch a few moments just for myself each day It helps me to gather strength and … Continue reading

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White Sage Meaning Magic And A Sacred Space

Originally posted on Thrive On News Free Spirituality Magazine:
? Organic White Sage or Sacred Sage Grown In Cairns Queensland Australia by Ian Scott Druid Boy Designs White Sage Spiritual Meaning And Uses White Sage cleansing herb a natural cleanser…

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Channeling Peace: 3 Ways to Channel Peace

Photo Source: Reddit Have you ever felt overwhelmed to the point where you did not have the energy to do anything? Have you ever felt like there were so many things going on that you did not know which to…

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Herbal Tea Blends

Originally posted on Charm City Homestead:
A few weeks ago I finally got around to processing all of the herbs that I dried from the garden. I had stored them in individual ziploc bags with the air pressed out, but…

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Herbal Cough and Lung Tisane

Originally posted on AquarianSoap:
It has been years (over 10 years) since we have been sick around here.   A few weeks ago we came down with a cold and even now, I am still suffering from a bad cough. I have…

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The Merry Widow Cocktail

Originally posted on The Zozzled Cocktail:
What some might call a fancy martini is actually a bit more than the sum of its parts. This libation first appeared in Hugo Ensslin’s Recipes for Mixed Drinks from 1916. As with so many…

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