…the part that’s left over

mood_emotion_alone_window_shutters_glass_reflection_women_females_girls_babes_sexy_sensual_models_pose_style_bokeh_redheads_800x600I unplug for a while with just a moment of stillness and calm

I learned a long time ago how important it is to snatch a few moments just for myself each day

It helps me to gather strength and wisdom so I can become a viable new seed for my tomorrow

A bounty I will receive from my own efforts as this sweet passing of time in which I cease to work and quite my movements bring to me a recovery of strength

So my mouth can speak the truth
My ears hear all that is spoken
And my eyes see the clarity of vision

My spirit unshackled

Motionless I feel freedom

Then I’m reminded my day is far from over as I give it that little part of me that’s leftover…mood_emotion_alone_window_shutters_glass_reflection_women_females_girls_babes_sexy_sensual_models_pose_style_bokeh_redheads_800x600

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6 Responses to …the part that’s left over

  1. Great reminder, I need to start doing that.

  2. Rob says:

    Yes time for self, excellent strategy

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