…my watery niche

imageI reached up to the top of the darkest depths I found myself a bit out of breath as I followed a shiny crystal light that reflected upon the surface of the water

I had been swimming through the night in the tides of my life the rhythm of my body guided me through the hidden secrets of the deep blue waters

Gentle strokes of my mind turned into ripples of waves that flowed through my thoughts bringing me to a place I could be myself totally uninhibited as I became submerged in my own illusions

This watery niche released what I had hidden deep within this soul it quenched my passions and let go of the sunken treasures of a broken spirit

It reached out to me to give me air of the good old breath of life I was missing back into my drowning hearttumblr_m5u7vfenC91ro6ghco1_500The rush of the flooding waters revealed a map that lead me to the depths of my soul and back

I was overflowing with new possibilities

It marveled over me

Flushing the chilling moods I use to experience far away from me

I reached out to grab them back for they had become my shelter from facing the truth

But I was too late as they floated down the river

It became time to shed my mindless armor of this saddened girl I had become

Splashing in this new current was refreshing

I decided to let the good times roll just like the waves

The cool water had stirred up the Goddess in me as I left behind yesterday with all its drowning upsets and I plunged without a second thought right into my watery niche of today ❤tumblr_n3h0ojRRHG1txx45do1_500


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