…fragrance of yesterday

imag0833The pages went deep beyond yellowing they had turned a crisp shade of brown torn and tattered with bits of it crumbling in my hands

Pages that pulled away from their commitment to be bound by its cover

I touched the book with great care holding my breath with each poem that passed me by

The fragrance of yesterday took me to a place I never knew before a place well before my time the scent of that olde book was delicious

There was no challenge in its read for beyond those darken pages the words were fresh and clear

Age may have changed its pages but it had not tampered with its message

I took a book from my home library sat down and fell in love with Robert Browning…❤


The forest had done it
there they stood

We caught for a moment the powers at play

They had mingled us so
For once and good

Their work was done
We might go or stay

They relapsed to their accent mood.


It cannot change the love still kept for Her

More than if such a picture I prefer

Passing a day with, to a room’s bare side

The painted form takes nothing she possessed

Yet, while the Titan’s Venus lies at rest

A man looks.

Once more, what is there to chide?

imag0830Now, take all my jewels
Gorge gold to your fill

You may kiss me, old man, on my mouth if you will!

But brush this dust off me, lest horror it brings

Ere I know it – next moment I dance at the King’s!


I heard it whistle at me – the tea kettle that is – so I closed its cover with a smile

Touched his energy with both of my hands a simple tingle left behind upon my palms that began to slide right down to my toes

I felt a need to give him a very big hard hug – a squeeze – one of those you cannot break free of most deserving may I add after all look at what he just gave to me in his words

But I realized just in time about his most fragile state

So a gentle caress I decided to give him sweet and memorable before I set him down on my nightstand right next to my bed till I romance with him once again tonight

tea anyone…jinxx❤xoxo


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  1. Reblogged this on Ace Sales & Authors News and commented:
    Gorgeous post Jinx X … The Barrett’s of Wimpole Street is also a great book love Browning …… Had to share on authors news … Ian

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