Hag Stones


Crystal Enlightenment

Hag Stones
(Witch Stones)

““To find a stone with a hole in it is a special sign of the favour of {The Goddess} Diana””

— Charles Godfrey Leland Author of Aradia Gospel of the Witches
Natural Hag Stone

Natural Hag Stone

Hag stones have occupied myth and magick for centuries, used by common people and magickal minded people, but what are Hag Stones? How can they be used today? Hag stones are stones that have a naturally occurring hole inside them. These stones are often found along the coastal points, beaches, and streams. These holes occur from the elements beating down upon them over many years, though there are speculations that these mysterious stones may have been formed by a “worm hole”. A Hag stone also known as a Witch Stone or Holey Stones and quite a bit of lore and many magickal properties associated with them. In this brief article I will…

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