Scorched Earth


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Folks…that Executive Order could have been written perfectly and Hobart would have still issued the stay and the 9th Circuit Court would have still upheld it. The situation is at exactly the same point it would have been if the order had been written by Ruth Bader Ginsburg and then issued thru President Trump. It’s scorched earth time. You know that.–Dennis Miller

The Left won’t settle for anything less than total destruction and then total control. It’s their way or burn it all down.


And the Democrats want it to burn…They haven’t been this mad or crazied since we took their slaves away.


The following is a Thoughtcrime.

Thoughtcrime does not entail death: thoughtcrime IS death. (1.2.42-43)

The Party takes loyalty seriously, and does not tolerate any acts of subversion – even if they are mere thoughts.


Robert Gehl reports back in 1857, in a landmark decision, a…

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