DQwIRig-victorian-christmas-wallpaperI was once told by my GrandMother that people would know the very nature of who I am by my actions at the dinner table

Others begin to recognize our innermost characters ~ our attitudes and our breeding all by spending an evening at the table with them

Poor table manners can seriously be a deterrent to a happy and productive social life that can bring us into a successful career ~ a happy and a financial secure marriage ~ determine what schools we will be accepted into even giving us the ability to rise to the top of our profession

All because of their polished manners

Table manners can easily be learned if you have not already inherited them

It is always welcomed and very attractive to be that well polished individual that has accepted that dinner party invitation

Here’s a few tips:


you wait until the host/hostess has been served and he/she picks up her fork


Napkins are placed on the lap entirely open if they are of a small size such as a luncheon napkin or folded in half the long way for the larger dinner size napkinsjanuary table settingSPEAKING WITH FOOD IN YOUR MOUTH

Don’t speak or answer a question directed at you if your mouth is full of food wait til every bit of food has been chewed and eaten before you reply


Nature’s little belch to rid oneself of excess gas

When you feel the burp coming on cover your nose and mouth with the napkin in order to muffle the sound

Then gently say…excuse me

…and olde saying

“‘Tis better to burp the burp and bear the shame than to squelch the belch and bear the pain”


You should not make an enormous stretch or rise from your seat to reach for something you need that sits across the table from you just ask the person closest to it to pass it to you

Salt and Pepper is always passed in a pair and placed down on the table by the one who asked for them

Never hand the Salt and Pepper shakers to a dinner guest


Should flow smoothly in a very tasteful way so that no one is left out


(one of my favorites)

Sit straight up
No drumming your fingers on the table

No elbows on the table
In between courses hands folded in lap

Chairs should not be tipped back
No playing with silverware ~ stemware or any other table accessories436253DRINKING BEVERAGES

Never sip of any beverage until your mouth is empty of food and wiped with the napkin first


Use the serving utensils on the platters such as the serving fork or spoon take small portions a little bit of everything is acceptable and yes you may help yourself to the garnish of parsley or watercress on the platter


Occasionally an accident happens at the dinner table if you spill food like a bit of jelly or sauce quickly retrieve it with any utensil handy the butter knife works well or your fork

Then place what has spilled on the side of your plate

For food or liquid that spills or drips on your clothing use a clean knife or spoon to lift off if the spill has soaked into the fabric you may dip a small corner of the napkin into your water glass and lightly rub the spot

Just try to be inconspicuous as possible


When you feel that sneeze coming on there usually is no stopping it

Cover your nose and mouth with the napkin and sneeze away but for heaven’s sake do not blow your nose in the dinner napkin if you must blow your nose quickly excuse yourself from the table and take care of your need in another room after all it is hardly an appetizing sound

When you return to the dinner table just murmur a quick apology1440x1080_drink_and_cigarNIGHT CAP

Dinner was delicious the guest are fascinating and the evening is soon to come to an end

The dinner party has left the dining room entering into the parlor for a late evening cocktail before heading home

The conversation is still lively and delightful

You were the bell of the ball

As women…yes we women are suppose to lead in manners and when we do not ladies it usually turns out disastrous for us

Even with medium ability we have seen those who rise to the top of their professions because of their polished manners and knowledge of what to do and when to do it…timing is everything!

Haven’t we thought about someone…I wonder how she got where she is when she didn’t seem to have much in the way of talent?

To those who don’t know us we appear to be merely diamonds in the rough and table manners are one of the most visible signals of the state of who we are and where we plan on going

So the next time show them just how polished you really areMarilyn_Monroe_actress_blonde_____km_1920x1260


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