…this place I call home

tumblr_o9pg5hgxv21qe6ri8o1_500We went for the thrill

Walking by candlelight the unexplained touched our presence

Responding to it we began to stir up some gloomy shades of the unquiet dead within our ritual

I was then brushed by a breeze

This ghost had unfinished business that was able to remain behind

We tried to fill in the blanks of what this lingering ghost needed

Into a twilight we went with him

It was the same corridor he walked freely as we were comprised to the smells and sounds of the places he haunted

You could feel the movement of other ghostly entities surrounding the area or were they surrounding us

These souls were not bound to the Earth anymore

In this very olde home historic by age and time it stole the spotlight of what was already locked inside of it

They had an audience tonight in this place I call home!woman sleeping with garlic, by Patrik Theander (Flickr, Creative Commons)



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