vqtitqy-sun-wallpaper On a bright sunny day just around the time of high noon go outdoors facing the sun

This Charm for Success can be done anytime of the year in the chilly sunshine of the Winter months or the hot humid heat of the Summer sun

Take outside with you a Crystal any type will do just as long the sun can shine through it and it has a way of being able to be hung up by a loop or a clasp

Any color
Any shape
Any size

Is just fine…SunlightHold it up to the Sun so that you can see the bright sun shining through it


through sun and will and patient skill

within this crystal I now instill

that I shall fare successfully

for this is what I will be

Allow the crystal to absorb the Sun’s rays as you are holding it up in between your fingers

Then bring the crystal indoors and hang it in the window of your place of businessCrystals-1You can hang as many as you like so that the Sun of Success shines on them everyday


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