What is a Magickal Oil?


Triple Moon Alchemy



What is a magickal oil? A magickal oil is an oil blended with various essential oils, flower extracts, herbs, etc. that are chosen for the energetic qualities that they posses. When I blend magickal oils, I use more herbs than I do essential oils. It’s not that I think something is wrong with using essentials, in fact, I love them for certain purposes. It’s just that I enjoy the slow herbal infusion method. The use of herbs and other botanicals have been used in magickal preparations well before the use of essential oils. The ability to extract plant oils through distillation is awesome though. For me, I find that when I infuse oils long and slow, the infusions carry the right vibration that aids in manifesting my intentions. If needed, I use essential oils to round out the scent of some oils that have the right energy, but perhaps…

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