dark_occult_witch_fantasy_magic_1920x1200Fairies are connected to Nature some of their Spells are performed outdoors among a field of wild flowers or upon a secret lily pond while their other Spells are conjured late at night or into the wee hours of morning just before day break all the while you sleep

The Fairies are magickal creatures endowed with many powers as they dwell in an invisible kingdom way down below the Earth

So tonight in your wildest dreams a Fairy shall wait for you in her realm of myth and fantasy


Now…let’s first explain to you what this Fairy Dust will bring to you before you begin to grind mix and measure

Ask yourself…

Do I have a loved one at home that has been a bit less than passionate?

If your answer is yes…then get out the mortar and pestle and let’s begin


Gold Glitter
Dark Blue Glass Jar

And these dried herbs ground down to a fine powder

1 tbsp woodruff
1 tbsp clover

1 tbsp red rose petals
1 tbsp jasmine
1 tbsp meadowsweet

After the herbs are ground down into a powder

Place them in the blue glass jar

Add 13 pinches of the gold glitterSmokey EyeSeal the lid on the jar giving it 9 good shakes to blend the ingredients all together

Then remove the lid hold the jar tightly between your hands and over the jar say 9x

nature spirits and fairy friends
bless this dust to serve my ends

I place my trust and faith in thee
bring his/her love and passion to me

Leave the jar in your bedroom in a discreet place over night to give the Fairies time to bless your Dust

In the morning lid the jar

The next evening once the night has darken the sun a quiet peaceful rest has come over your home and your love is fast asleep

Sprinkle some of the Fairy Dust over your sleeping love from head to toe to increase his passion bring love and invite happiness into your relationship ❤

Keep the jar sealed and stored away for future needs for yourself and others or perhaps you may just want to accelerate those passionate nights…


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9 Responses to FAIRY DUST

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  2. chris jensen says:

    Damn darling,

    you’ll get all the women,
    dusting us


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