…from my gypsy friend

tarot-truckJust like her Ancestors a cast of turbulent wanderers she too is a vagabond that travels this land in her version of what her family called an ornate “horse drawn wagon”

Living off the land and loving it

Now don’t underestimate her she is especially gifted and highly skilled in natural magick with most of her divine ability inherited back to the Middle Ages

Her Gypsy family are very clannish and they don’t socialize much outside of their blood line

She has become known for her powerful potions ~ charms ~ tarot readings and her psychic abilities

And we just can’t wait till she visits us once again

This from my Gypsy Friend…Salvin


First you have to find and pick one wild rose any color is fine

1 sprig of fresh Rosemary that can easily be found in your local grocery store

And some Rose Oil

Keep in mind Gypsy’s don’t measure ingredients…it’s usually a pinch a dash and a handful

Also a small clear glass jar with a lidimageIn the glass jar put into it the wild rose and the sprig of fresh rosemary

Then fill the jar with the rose oil and lid it tightly

And tie a green satin ribbons around the neck of the jar

Place the jar in front of a sunny window so it can catch all those beautiful warm rays of sunshine

Say 9x
of the sun and of love
descend to me from far above

with your power this spell I fashion
infuse this scent with lustful passion
Leave the jar sitting in the window for 9 days and 9 nights
Gypsy’s do have a certain appeal found in all their jewelry scarfs bracelets baubles crystals pouches and beads

They seems to want to seek out truth and wisdom that in return brings to them happiness

Her spirit was free

A life style all her own

We just couldn’t help but be a bit envious of her beauty that was truly deep within her Soul that no one could steal away from her

Men took one look at her sensual ways and fell head over heels in love with her

…or maybe it was her Love Drawing Oil?After the 9th day of the oil soaking up the sun’s rays and just before your heading out the door

Anoint your shoulders ~ breasts ~ wrists and a dab or 2 behind both your knees

The scent will make you irresistible your spirit free and your heart soar…just like a gypsy!


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  1. Inese Poga Art plus Life says:

    I think I would love to make such oil. I cannot complain about luck in love and I believe that’s something which shines within us, but real rose oil completed with love spells sounds fairly magic. https://inesepogalifeschool.com/

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