It’s Witchcraft


Craft of the witch

The word Witchcraft makes most people think of something like Harry Potter, the Wicked Witch of the West, or some other fictional face. That’s if you’re lucky, anyway. Another part of the non-witch population will hear this word and immediately be sent into convulsions of hymn, warnings of everlasting life in Hell, and may have the tendency to go collect firewood – seemingly out of no where.

Ok, yes. Those two examples may be a little bit stereotypical. But, let’s be real here: Haven’t you run into both these versions if and when you ever say you’re involved in Witchcraft?

I have. My friends have. And while there is a generous smear of good response out there, I find that it is spread so far and thin over the ones with ridiculous ridicule that it’s hard to see those good ones some times.

It’s because of that, many…

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