Tools of the Green Witch


Witchwood Wild

For many witches, magical tools are things like wands, athames, pentacles and other esoteric objects. However when practicing herbal, green and kitchen, magic, the tools needed may seem more humble, but are just as important.

Chopping Board
On a purely practical level your chopping board simply provides a hardwearing surface upon which to work with your herbs. You will want preferably two or three chopping boards specifically for magical use; one for the preparation of magical foodstuffs and meals, one for general herbs and one for any poisonous plants you may utilise. Mark each board so you can tell them apart, especially important for the poison board so you don’t inadvertently make yourself ill!

Magically you can imbibe your chopping boards by etching or painting symbols around the edge, or maybe by including a triangle of manifestation (a large equal-sided triangle inside a circle) in the centre of the board, used…

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