Shadow-DancingBegin to start paying close attention to your thoughts

Every time you recognize negative thoughts and words…stop…and try to reframe the thought into a positive and optimistic one

Don’t let the negative cling to you and leave its nasty residue behind that will begin to enter into your emotions

Yes…we feed our emotions with negative thoughts leaving us feeling out of control

Sharpen your awareness to turn this unhelpful pattern around

For example let’s say you went to a party and someone made a snide remark about you and in turn you find yourself upset by it

Starting to think…this party isn’t as much fun anymore all because of one small commentStilettosInstead recognize your feelings are out of sorts by that comment and how it has influenced your emotions changed your feelings and clouded your thoughts and then grab control of yourself

There is great value in understanding all the connections between the many layers of our emotions

Come to know that some words that are shouted out at us are meaningless and therefore we should just rise above them

Put a smile on your face and have the time of your life

It is truly the best revenge

As you become more self-aware of yourself the amount of negativity you allow to seep into your life will begin to decrease and its negative side effects will pass right over you

Make a conscientious decision to acknowledge the situation rather than look for who to blame so you can justify your bad mood94a1bfdb7a43853d185e184b6acd7a9cCalm your Fears
Transform your Negativity
Reject your Disappointments

…into something much more positive

And you’ll be ready to turn your life into a magickal one…❤

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2 Responses to CLEAR the MIND

  1. “Put a smile on your face and have the time of your life

    It is truly the best revenge”

    lol… u make me laff 🙂

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