Crossvine: Native Medicinal for Rejuvenation


Red Earth Wildcrafted

I want to talk about one of my favorite wild plants, Crossvine. Crossvine (Bignonia capreolata) is a perennial native vine that is common in forests of the Southeast. Crossvine is also sometimes grown as a garden ornamental because it has incredibly gorgeous trumpet shaped orange and yellow showy flowers that hummingbirds love. It flowers in early spring, when most other plants have not begun to bloom, and is one of the first sources of nectar for ruby throated hummingbirds as they journey back into the area. Crossvine is preferred forage for the swamp rabbit and is also eaten by white tailed deer.



It is a member of a largely tropical family of plants that includes Catalpa, trumpet creeper and Paulownia or Empress Tree. Crossvine has leaves that are semi evergreen and opposite, compound with 2 leaflets appearing as 4 leaves per node. Oblong, lanceolate with rounded bases. The leaves are…

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