7c33c6eb2c5b025193be15992a857361Here’s a recipe for a Brew to drink to purify yourself just prior to performing a Ritual or Spell

Get the good olde Kettle out some fresh water and start the brew under a dark moon night

1 part lemon verbena
1 part dried lemon peel
1 part chamomile

You can add a dash of sugar a drizzle of honey or a splash of fresh lemon juice

It’s a good Brew to drink if you have had a bad rough day or need to clear your thinking!
Brew Strain and Drink a cup before or during divination or any type of psychic work to enhance your awareness

3 parts rose petals
2 parts yarrow
1 part cinnamonScreen Shot 2016-04-07 at 1.05.28 AMSomething to drink before heading to bed to relax yourself bring a peaceful nights rest and send you into a wonderful place where the world of dreams await you

2 parts rose petals
1 part mugwort
1 part peppermint
1 part jasmine flowers
1/2 part cinnamon

~ good night be blessed and sweet dreams ~


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8 Responses to DARK MOON BREWs

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  2. Love different infusions always a treat for the body

  3. thank you, very nice recipe for health

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