eclipse_wallpaper_10387652_2880x2560Pisces the Sign of Surrender and Release

This is the time to think about our problems and to make those problems more workable in our life

There are somethings that sometimes we cannot change

NEW MOON: represents the beginning

SUN: is our personality our ego

EARTH: our life

PISCES: brings out our sensitivity and creativity

MOON: in itself no matter what phase it is in holds our hidden emotions our desires our secrets and those self shadows

If you can learn to feel the changes in the atmosphere we will notice the changes in our emotions thoughts and feelings and how we act and react to themWoman On FireAccept the gifts of the New Moon in Pisces of its sensitivity and intuition

It will bring you into a very deep emotional level as you will pick up on everything around you

…for better or for worse

You just might find yourself daydreaming which will make you feel invisible in a room full of people in the end your daydreams will make you most fulfilled

PISCES HERBS: Irish Moss ~ King’s Fern ~ Sea Lettuce ~ Sea Spirit

PISCES AMULET: tie up in a purple cloth the dried herbs and wear it or carry to enhance the positive to enter your life

3 parts sandalwood
2 parts sage

1 part eucalyptus
1 part anise
1 part lemon

Wish to stress the positive
Draw in a specific situation
Then “tie” in the powers


3 drops ylang-ylang
3 drops sandalwood
1 drop jasmine

This oil blend will help to increase your own personal powersflames_fire_books_artwork_1920x1080When twilight curtains the New Moon night of secrecy and it begins to draw me into my olde ways of Magick I will begin to mix up some olde brews and incense all for the sheer joy of it

It will be my delight in putting the herbs to work ~ aligning their powers to mine and mingling our energies
The Thunder of inspiration rolled last night the skies were black there was a glimpse I noticed of a hugh omen that surrounded the freedom of my Heart

A spooky dimension took hold to whatever I did

“I remained too much inside my head and ended up losing my mind”


The Magick came from what was inside of me it was a part of me as I weaved together a Spell

The burning words were spoken

My hand stroked every page
My eyes feasted on every word
My mind embellished this mad Soul

As the Book of unlimitless possibilities went up in flames…


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7 Responses to NEW MOON on FIRE

  1. Cool images… you have a good eye for transformational stuff… this one reminds me of Buddhist or something…

  2. Grandtrines says:

    Reblogged this on Still Another Writer's Blog and commented:
    What if the New Moon were REALLY on fire? Maybe the Hellium-3 on the Moon has been triggered into an accidental nuclear fusion meltdown by a sabotaged fusion generator. Sounds like a SciFi waiting to be written by someone….

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