Writing with Legends

Sigils are magic designs created with a specific intent. They’re actually one of the easiest types of magic to use.  They are perfect for a witch who doesn’t want their practice out in the open or someone who doesn’t have a lot of money to spend on candles, herbs, and stones.  The name sigil derives from the Latin word sigillum, or “seal”, though some believe it is also related to the Hebrew word segula, which means talismen, action, word, or item of spiritual affect.  Sigils are actually a form of chaos magic, meaning magic that doesn’t have a solid structure or strict rules.  This is meant as an introduction post to sigils, designed to help you get started.


There are a couple different ways to craft sigils.  For the method I normally use, you’re going to need a pen and some scratch paper.  Chose a word or phrase that…

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