I steeped a Cauldron of a strong hot brew of Mint Basil and RoseHips not for drinking of course but rather to soak my body in it in a nice warm bath

In the tub I sponged that warm brew all over myself

There seems to be nothing more that stimulates and arouses a Man more than a Woman who is aroused

This brew is an Elixir of LoveMaking

It will leave you smelling sweet and clean as you will be able to feel yourself pulsating with desire


MINT: this recipe will create quite an adventure

Take some fresh Mint and warm it together with Honey (sounds delicious already)


Bruise the fresh Mint by just crushing it with a Pestle

Heat the bruised Mint up gently on low with the Honey

Once cooled

Put the mixture into a glass jar and lid it

Let the 2 the Mint and the Honey mingle together for 3 days before it is used

It creates a heating tingling sensation that also tastes amazingPin-Up-HalloweenTHYME: stimulating arousing and invigorating 3 wonderful words associated with a pretty good night of sex

Now…don’t be shy!

A bubble bath for 2 anyone?

Take a good healthy bunch of fresh Thyme and brew it in the Kettle with fresh water

Make a very strong brew with the Thyme allowing it to bubble on low in the Kettle for 13 minutes

Then turn off the flame and let the brew steep for 19 minutes

This next part is completely up to you to set the atmosphere around the bubble bath


Strain the Brew to remove the Thyme

Add it to the bubble bath and stimulate your entire bodies

A Thyme brew brings the blood vessels to the surface to promote a higher oxygen intake and a respiratory aid that will provide for longer lasting sexGothic girl-2LOVERs MASSAGE OIL: use fresh herbs

2 parts mint
2 parts lavender

1 part rosemary
1 part thyme

Place all the fresh herbs in a glass jar then fill the jar with GrapeSeed Oil

Let steep 3 days then strain out the herbs

Store the Massage Oil in a glass bottle and lid it

Label and Date

Shelf life 1 week

“The World is full of Magick things patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper”


My thoughts ~ remembered the night when I mixed the dangerous herbs ~ I became blinded with passion

Forgive me ~ but a part of me wished that he might demand a taste of honey ~ you slipped under my skin and invaded my blood ~ for what I do next you might someday despise me ๐Ÿ’‹


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