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Get 3 small empty clear glass bottles or jars with lids or corks In the wild find 2 small bird feathers on the ground and 1 dandelion puff ball while you’re walking in a park beach or simply walking down … Continue reading

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DIY Poppets w/ FREE Template!

Originally posted on ☽ Witch On A Budget ☾:
[Image Descriptions: Three handmade poppets in white, black, and hot pink.|| Buy Them Here] As children, many of us had that one sacred object, that inanimate companion that used to provide us a sense of…

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A Modern Witch’s Guide to the Magic of New Orleans

Originally posted on Moody Moons:
A growing interest in pagan travel inspired me to start my latest category, aptly titled Pagan Travel. In this series, I hope to share with you my experiences in exploring local traditions around the world…

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A Spell to Ward Your House

Originally posted on Witchery Wednesday:
Helpful when moving into a new space, on occasions when things just don’t feel quite right, or as an infrequent protective boost. Using an elemental elixir*, paint a three inch horizontal line above windows, and…

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A Simple Wishing Spell

Originally posted on The Witch & Walnut:
Remember growing up and blowing out the candles on your cake and everyone shouted “make a wish”? This is kinda like that. This is a very easy spell, no fancy curios needed here.…

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Elemental Earth Meditation

Originally posted on Cunning Witch:
Meditating with Earth can be as simple as sitting outside under a tree or as strenuous as spelunking into the deepest caves. My favorite way to meditate with the Earth Element is to go outside…

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The Hawk Prince

Originally posted on Silver Moon Healing:
Card of the day ❤️ The Hawk Prince. The hawk prince comes with good news. He flies into your life to alert you that a message is coming to help you manifest your destiny.…

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