blades_fan_desk_window_work_clock_alarm_background_pear_glasses_flowers_pitcher_roses_book_1920x1200ONLY WITCHES ARE INVITED

Well…Ladies dust off your BroomSticks for you have been summoned to attend a Witches High Tea at 3pm

It’s a very windy day today so hold on to your Pointed Black Hats grab your SpellBooks click your Heels 3x and off you go…πŸ’¨…poof

Bewitching Attire will be required upon entering into the Afternoon Tea

With a promise of delicious yet fiendish finger foods to savor on

Divine Drinks is where we will begin as they bubble and brew in the Cauldron hidden away in the kitchen

So bring along a Cheerful Mood fly straight ahead over the olde gravel road

Turn right onto Raven Road when it magickally appears

Be discreet for the TownsPeople don’t take kindly to our kind!

Continue to fly forward and proceed with caution using your Witchy instincts as you veer left as you approach the curve in the roadWitchWhen you have reached your destination enter with caution

Knock 3x on the front door

Then check your BroomSticks in the foyer and let’s begin our monthly meeting


I’m hosting this month’s Witches Gathering I host it mostly ever month which I don’t mind one bit

Everyone seems to get a real charge out of entering my 100+ year olde house

Many Spirits still wander around the hallways here and I’m sure without a doubt will be sitting in on our gathering

There is no thunder lightening or any type of storm that will keep the Ladies from flying over to enjoy an Afternoon of sharing what has so been written in our Journals aka Book of Shadows as we happily cackle over a very strong Brew

Here are a few of the recipes of the Tea’s I will be serving this afternoonleaves_tea_steam_tea_cup_lemon_1920x1200I have 3 Brews on the Tea Tray


1/2 cup yellow rose petals
2tbs dried lemon balm
1tbs dried rosemary

1 part rosemary
1 part sage
1 part cinnamon

lots of fresh jasmine brewed and steeped in a kettle of fresh water served with honey lemon or sugar
After we served ourselves Tea we took our places around the table and started the gathering with a Spiritual Prayer to give us a good feel of positive
May the Light of Mind shine through us and all around us

As we exercise our Will to be done

Let the doors of our Spiritual heart bring us grace
One of the topics discussed was about the wonderful and intriguing Besom aka BroomStick

When you move to a new residence how your Besom is brought into your new home

And yes…there is a proper magickal way of doing it

So when you move to a new home you bring your Besom (we are not talking about the broom that you sweep the sidewalk with) your Secret BroomStick πŸ˜‰ into your new place by passing it through a window (any window) so to bring in many happy magickal times into your home

Some of the do’s and don’ts of the BroomStick266d9074312daf39d64056c197a34451Do not sweep on a Monday it will bring bad luck

If a broom falls down as you are passing it a Spirit has come to your home for a visit figure out who the Spirit is for the Spirit needs to speak with you

Never ever sweep on the 1st day of any month for if you do you will sweep out the money you made last month

If you find a broom on the floor step over it backwards to prevent the start of a quarrel

To keep bad evil Spirits away from your home and from entering place a broom across a front window of your home
Magick is a process or an activity which brings unexpected results in which a human’s mind never expects to happen to them…more Tea anyonedrink_drinks_cup_tea_2560x1600“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another; what you too? I thought I was the only one”

~ C.S. LEWIS ~
Witches gather round

The Book of Spells was opened and laid upon the ground

Pages were all faded now and difficult to read

But not so much to accomplish their secret magickal deed
Well…it has been a lovely afternoon and I have so much enjoyed your company

As we close our Journals I folded over a corner of a few pages that contained some special information that I will try out on the night of the next Full Moon

Everyone gathered up their belongings and gave each other a warm good bye

I was in a Good Witch mood so I decided to give the Ladies a parting gift of a specially prepared bag of tricks something simple but very powerful of what magick it holds insidebag2It does seem like the afternoon just flew by so grab your BroomSticks and have a save ride home πŸ’œ

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2 Responses to HIGH TEA at 3

  1. Oh I would love this to happen!!

    • hocuspocus13 says:

      Well…you can always start with “you” mixing and blending tea leaves/herbs

      Experimenting and Tasting β˜•β˜•β˜•

      Creating your own blends

      Shopping for the tea leaves and herbs is a real treat for me πŸ•―

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