Why You Should Energetically Cleanse and Bless Your Home


Healing Moon Lumina

Physically cleaning your home and space is important. Lots of people regularly clean their homes. But not a lot of people clean their homes energetically. Just like physical items can dusty up and clutter up our homes, making the environment unpleasant. So too can energetic dust and clutter. In this post I’ll share with you why it’s important to energetically cleanse and bless your home, some ways to go about it and how to tell when your home may need a cleansing.


Why should you cleanse and bless your home?

Like I mentioned above, our homes can get cluttered and gross from energy as well as physical items. People, animals and objects are constantly emitting energy. That energy then seeps into our homes and living spaces. After awhile, it can start to feel pretty cluttered and stuffy with all of that stagnant energy sitting around. Especially if there’s been an…

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