…step back into ourself…

women_lips_wish_candles_birthday_cake_1680x1050She stands alone balancing life’s scales

She stands strong sometimes stern holding tight to her secret knowledge

Her touch is that of the feminine earth that comes between her the moon and the sun

She is hidden in the dark recesses of our mind of those things we are afraid to face

You must walk with her to understand her

You must feel her to learn her wisdom

Her survival is in her inner strengthart_girl_blue_eyes_shut_up_window_water_rain_1440x2271We can feel her because we are her

As we assemble ourselves in some dark secret place then quietly step back into ourselves


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3 Responses to …step back into ourself…

  1. chris jensen says:

    More secrets darling?

    Truly i like to feel her….

    Within a soft touch, smothering wet kisses.


    • hocuspocus13 says:

      Happy🕯 Saturday

      Chilly morning just got back in the door after taking my dog Sami for a walk

      Time for a pot of hot coffee ☕☕☕

      • chris jensen says:

        Luck you!

        i’ve having problems with my stomach,
        mostly drinking steam milk..

        By an By darling, ifinn it were not for you, i would have no idea what day it is!

        Still cold over here on the West Coast, only snow on the mountains, which is all good..

        Nonetheless the those grand old tree are starting to wake-up!

        Kiss within a honest lov,


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