webs_spiders_web_spider_1920x1200Sometimes we only need a handful of simple ingredients when practicing SpellWork

A dead bugs carcass is used for Banishment Magick so we can rid ourselves or someone else’s life from harmful influences

The bug should not be killed by you but rather found in its natural state of death after it has cast away its mortal coil

And in return you can then likewise cast away something from your life

When you find a dead bug scoop it up and put it away in your Magickal Bag of Tricks for some unforeseen rainy day!

You just never know when you need to banish someone or something that has “crawled” into your life and you would like it removed


This Spell is preformed after the Full Moon when the Moon is waning

Go outdoors in an area where you will find a patch of Earth’s Soil

With a tree twig draw upon the ground a Pentagram

It doesn’t have to be very large perhaps around 7-9inch in circumference

Put the dead bug in the center of the Pentagram

Sprinkle 9 pinches of Salt over the bug

Place your hand over the bug and with deep thoughts thinking about what you are about to banishFancyPentagramBarYour concentration is very much needed at this point

So focus on what you are doing

Once that is completed toss some dirt over the bug salt and Pentagram leaving no sight of any of it

Cover it well so no trace of the Spell shall ever be found

When you get back home light

1 black candle
9 pinches of wormwood incense

Reminding yourself about what you are doing any why

Allow the candle and incense to burn themselves out

During Winter months bugs crawl inside your home for warmth and protection so if you look close enough you just might discover a dead bug

I’ve been told we are never more than 10 feet away at any given time from a creepy crawly spiderspider-animated


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