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Need some energy?

Spring is on the way but we’re still having grey, rainy days.  Although there’s more sunlight and the days are getting longer, you may find yourself lacking energy and needing a boost.  Especially if you’re super motivated by the longer days and need some extra energy to go along with your spiritual motivation.

Here’s a simple spell for more energy.  It follows the kitchen witch tradition and should be easily doable with what you have around the house or can get at your local market.


You’ll need:

Neutral oil safe to use on your skin

Large lemon

White candle

Black or green tea

The Ritual

This ritual is a simple melding of mundane practices and magick.  The integration of everyday actions into your magick will only enhance your power and skills and add much more clarity and confidence to your life.  It’s centred around a white candle…

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