rocgksd-pentacle-wallpaperTHE WORKINGS BEHIND MAGICK

Successfully perfecting a Spell is an Art that comes about with practice and your undeniable will to believe

Keeping your energy and intent aligned with your desired results is the most important thing

Without this skill even the most powerful and elaborate Spell will have little effect but with it the most basic Spell can have extraordinary results

Know…Learn to improve your Magickal skills

Increase your energy

Improve your SpellCasting skills

How do we do that?


Remember…”if at first you don’t succeed try try again”

Yesterday you preformed a Spell today you tweaked it tomorrow you will succeed at it

Tap into the forces that surround you everyday

Grab some of that heat from the Sun

Feel the beams of the shining Moon

Recognize the warmth of a smile

Work with them in order to improve your own life and well beingaaxujdu-pentagram-wallpapersLive your highest possible existence

Believe in that higher power

For your existence and that higher power are so very closely intertwined into a perfect gift

Magick Spells just simply put are Rituals to improve our comfort joy and quality of life and have always been so

Weaving herbs
Measuring oils
Burning candles

Sipping a hot Witches Brew by the fireplace!

It’s all Magick…Pentagram-1CONFIDENCE SPELL

Do this in the evening any evening and get into the practice of doing the Spell at least once a week to help you gain and keep confidence in yourself and in your SpellWork

You will need 1 orange candle
A dark room
1 rather large mirror

In the dark room stand in front of the mirror

We use a large mirror to get as much of our mirrored image as we can in the mirror

Light the orange candle holding it in your dominant hand

In the candle lit room look at yourself in the mirror

Really take a good look notice your features your hair clothes jewelry etc

SAY: 3x

I know what I want
I know what I need
I know what I have

I trust myself
I know myself
I like myself

I heal
I love
I feel

I fall down
I stand up
I flourish

I thrive
I strive
And I will survive…Amen

Afterwards snuff the orange candle out and reuse it and relight it everytime you do this Confidence Spell

And use that candle only for that purpose

When the candle has burned down to its wick and has finished itself out get another orange candle and repeat

Go there when you find that you need help ~ overwhelmed or are in need of Spiritual GuidanceWitches EyeFOOTNOTE: I’m not going to make a big deal over this for there is no need to I just thought to touch on it lightly so set the record straight and to put minds at ease

I would believe that some of you have heard or read about Witches gathering to Curse President Trump

A very long time ago let’s call them the “smart women” took control of the reins where our November 8th Presidential election was concerned

We would rather have been damned than to have a corrupt individual like Hillary Clinton and a woman abuser like Bill Clinton back in the White House

We “smart women” knew the road for Donald Trump would not be easy or smooth for him and his administration

Going back in time we “smart women” put protection on Donald Trump his Family and his Supporters

And there is nothing that anyone can do to break what we have already accomplished

Besides that…a few missteps from those Witches

A call to all Witches to Spell at Midnight on February 24th

Well it’s not Midnight at the same time across the Country or around the World there’s this bit of a hindrance called time zones

The Witches call said that on the evening of February 24th the Moon was waning

Actually the Moon was not waning but rather in its 2nd night of a Dark Moon when any Witch with half a “wicked brain” in her head knows not to Spell upon a Dark Moon for it will only reverse onto your own house

I do wonder if they weren’t a little bit Hollywood either way they are in for a very bumpy ride!

One last thing to prove my case beyond a preponderance of a doubt about us “smart women”

Last year during the Presidential campaign Hillary Clinton looked sickly unhealthy and appeared to be confused and disorientated

Hillary Clinton had uncontrollable outbursts of her head shaking ~ unsteady walking and her inability to walk up or down stairs without help

And let’s not leave out Hillary Clinton having dizzy “spells”

We “smart women” are not to be trifled with 💋


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7 Responses to SMART WOMEN

  1. chris jensen says:

    Good morning darling!

    It is within my honest belief you’re
    an evolving witch…

    i do agree, big magick takes power… As we have been blessed to have passed through
    the human experience,
    an the taste of power with which it offers…

    We do live in new an wonderful times…

    My golden arches coffee was adequate,
    just filling the gap…

    i still dream of the image of your sleeping room..

    hugs chris

  2. practicalpsyche says:


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