Morality and the Magician


THAVMA: Christian Occultism and Magic in General


With the season of Lent fast approaching, there’ll be talk of “penance” and “sin.” The flip side of this coin is talk of “morality.”

What does morality mean to a practicing magician?

Sex? Really?

When many people hear the word “morality,” they automatically hear “sexual repression.” This is reflected in people’s figures of speech, such as the term “loose morals” being a euphemism for sexual promiscuity. Be that as it may, the idea of “morals=sex” is grounded in flawed thinking, rooted in a socio-economic change that took place in Ireland around the time of the Potato Famine.

Yet we find plenty of pre-1970 occultists speaking out on this too. Gareth Knight tells us occultism “is much on the side of ‘old-fashioned’ morality” (A Practical Guide, p. 156), and none other than Gerald Gardner, when talking about the Templars, subtly hints that “the witches” equate homosexual behavior with sin…

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