I want to create what happens to me today so I can be in control of my tomorrow

This thing called Magick is such a vital force in my life

It gives me the mastery over my destiny

I have been told that things don’t happen in our lives by random but rather in conjunction or easier put an answer to a previously set up condition

As the past is what controls the present the present is what creates our future

What I do today is going to reflect on how I deal with my tomorrow

I awake to a day that is already fully defined all I need to do is open my mind to it and have the desire to make each day a successful day for myself


For this Spell you will need a lock of your hair

Hair represents strength and energy

As Modern Day Practitioners will teach you “If you have a lock of a person’s hair you have a part of them”

…and do with it what you will

This personal Spell binds to you Protection

After you have clipped a lock of your own hair place it in a white envelope and seal the envelope with wax from a blue candle

Then write your initials on the envelop

Keep your thoughts on bringing to you and into your life Protection from what could or has attached itself to you in a negative wayOver the envelope as you are sealing it with the wax say:

[[sealed within I shall be that no harm come to me]]

Keep the envelope in a secret place

When you feel that someone is trying to cast an Evil Spell upon you or trying to spin their negativity at you just take the envelope out of its secret place

Lie it down on a table or your altar in a place no one will see it a quiet place

Light a blue candle and say the words once again to strengthen the hair from your head to bind the Protection strongerYou decide what it is you want then create a magickal spell to get it

Be in control at all times for then the outcome will depend on your focus

The only limitation you will experience are those you place upon it!

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