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Vault 7

Originally posted on GrrrGraphics on WordPress:
Wikileaks released ‘Vault 7,’ containing thousands of documents that detail the CIA’s spying and hacking activities, which may surpass even what Snowden revealed. Information is power, and we have allowed the CIA and the…

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DOGS CATS and HORSES We humans have always had a kinship with animals and that kinship allows us to draw on their special qualities You can call upon the power of your Pet to draw into yourself the animals harmony … Continue reading

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Chakra Clearing Meditation

Originally posted on Sanctuary of Horus Behdety:
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Homesteading Herbalism – Mugwort 

Originally posted on The Heathen Homesteader:
Home grown mugwort! We have several jars from different parts of the plants that were harvested at different times back home. I wanted to write a really quick blog on mugwort to share! These…

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Durga Tea

Originally posted on The Forest Witch:
A bright and comforting cup of green tea sprinkled with flowers, with a dash of coconut and fruit juices to sweeten this delightful tea. A delicate green tea base carries jasmine, rose and lavender…

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Lemon Cakes Tea

Originally posted on The Forest Witch:
Enjoy Sansa’s favourite dessert in this lovely cup of green tea, filled to the brim with buttery lemon cakes. Green tea blended with lemon pieces, calendula and essence of buttery cake. Enjoy on tense…

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Originally posted on Wild Spirit Woman:
Definitely in my top 5 essential oils, peppermint oil is one of the most versatile to use around the home. This should be a staple essential oil in every home! It has natural antimicrobial…

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