We humans have always had a kinship with animals and that kinship allows us to draw on their special qualities

You can call upon the power of your Pet to draw into yourself the animals harmony and its strength to bond with yours

A Pet can bring to you healing abundance and protection

Native American Indians believe that when you align your consciousness with that of an animal that animal will speak to you in a special way…the way of power

This power they speak of is considered to them very Spiritual and very Sacred

…and very potent

They also believe the animal can safely guide you through life’s trials and tribulationsI just chose 3 Animal Pets the animals I thought were most commonly found in or around the home

All animals have magickal qualities that we can harness and focus in on during our times of need

How many times have we heard about a Senior Citizen who lives alone getting a Pet to help with their loneliness

In return that animal brings great joy and happiness into their life and feeling lonely no longer exists

Working dogs for the blind is a great help for the blind person to gain independence in their life

So many say choose an animal that best represents a personality characteristic that matches yours!

HORSE: it has long been a symbol of swiftness and power

It is the Horse that bears the Heroes and the Gods across the Earth and across the Sky

The Horse is physical unearthly power to reach into new Spirit Realms and onward into the Heavens

In Shamanic practices the Horse enables the Shaman to carry great burdens for a long distance with ease


DIRECTION: north south east and west

ELEMENT: earth air fire and waterWhen you need to respond swiftly to a situation talk to your Pet Horse the animal will help you to gain more personal power especially if you are overburdened by too much work just ask your Horse to give you the strength to get through it

CAT: a very independent creature a mighty hunter and one who holds many secrets

The Cat was worshipped by the Egyptians because of its cunning and ability to purge the house of undesirable elements

The Cat is considered to be a great protector of women

In ancient Rome the Cat was a symbol of freedomCAT ASSOCIATIONS:

DIRECTION: north and south

ELEMENTS: earth and fire

Is there something you need to find out about yourself or others?

Ask your Pet Cat for the help you need to find out the truth

If you feel you need more independence invite the Cat into your dreams

DOG: man and woman’s best friend

The Dog is loyal and a great protector of your home and family

For thousands of years Dogs have been honored for their loyalty

In Greek Mythology Hermes (Mercury) was frequently accompanied by his faithful Dog Argos

Dogs have a keen sense of smell hearing and sight

We do believe that Dogs can sense evil and death approachingDOG ASSOCIATIONS:



Sometimes we need the support of friends when loyalties are divided you can look no further find that support in your Dog

Your Dog can give you protection from negative thoughts and vibrations others send your way


To contact with your Pets special qualities begin with a simple meditation practice

Go to a place where you can be alone for at least 15 minutes

Dim the lights
Turn off all outside distraction

Then find a comfortable chair to relax your body in

Breath deeply


Fix your consciousness on your Pet

Let your mind slip into a semiconscious state and ask for the power of the animal

Connect with the animal on a mental level

When you feel you have absorbed the animals qualities and power return yourself to a full conscious state of mind…your Pet can become your Spiritual ally


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