Water is the source of all potential things in existence

With the capabilities of the cosmos water can be life giving or it can be life destroying

As an Element it encourages moderation and cools anger brought on by too much Fire

Water stabilize the illusions caused by an excess of Air

And poured upon the Earth promotes growth and life itself


VALUES: emotion intuition devotion and mysticism

COLORS: green and turquoise

SYMBOLS: crescent shells boats ship wheel anchor and cup

TOOLS: vessel grail chalice and cauldron

PLANTS: aloe cucumber dulse gardenia lily lotus and willow

STONES: aquamarine chrysocolla moonstone and mother of pearl

PLACES: ocean river lakes ponds waterfalls and beaches

ZODIAC: cancer scorpio and pisces

ARCHANGEL: gabriel

TIMES: autumn and sunset


PROCESS: love nurture sensitivity psychic ability and healingHEALING WATER

You will need

Cauldron or a small pot
Spring Water

9 Pink Rose Petals
8oz Vodka

Clear Glass Bowl
1 Piece of Silver

Plastic Wrap
Ruby Red Glass Bottle

First up

Pour the spring water into the cauldron or small pot and bring to a boil

Add the Rose Petals

Cover the pot and turn off the fire

Let the rose petals steep for 1 hour

Add the vodka to the mix to preserve it

Once cooled pour the water into the bowl

Place the piece of silver in the bottom of the bowl

Lay your hands just over the top of the bowl


from earth to water and river to sea
good healing I desire shall come to me

by power of herb and deep emotion
bring true health and deep devotion

Cover the bowl with the plastic wrap and place it in direct moonlight of the Full Moon over night

The next morning early morning upon that of Cock Crow pour the water into the ruby red glass bottle along with the piece of silver

Label and date the bottle and use this Healing Water in Spells to draw good health to those in needOIL and WATER…does mix!

A few oils that when blended together with water give off a very high spiritual vibration

1 drop cherry oil
3 drops orchid oil
3 drops violet oil
1 oz water
Wear to attract love

9 drops gardenia oil
1 oz water
Wear to attract good spirits

3 drops jasmine oil
1 oz water
Wear to attract spiritual guidance

9 drops lilac oil
1 drop sandalwood oil
1 oz water
Wear for protection

9 drops rose oil
1 oz water
Wear to bring peace and harmony

Just before you are going to wear one of the blends shake or stir well

Try not to be disillusioned if your Magick Spells don’t work immediately for some Spells just take longer to take hold than others

You must keep the faith in yourself otherwise you block the flow of energy and impede your progress

…every powerful thought I send out leaves an imprint on the etheric world…❤


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