The name Grimoire comes to us from the distant past when our magickal journals were penned in secrecy

Beneath the veil of the night

About the mysteries of the shadowy other world

Because those pages…my pages…were full of secret formulas and strange incantations

And a collection of my own personal thoughts and questionable deeds

I write about plants and herbs and their magickal powers to heal help or hex

What I observe during lunar transitions when the moon is full or watching it as it goes dark and casting my spell just at the right timeMy most treasured secrets on love…how to attract love and keep it bubbling hot!

Bring to me the riches money can buy

Yes…money…we all need it and I’m not intimidated to say I’m a material girl who absolutely loves to give herself the better things in life and stands proud of it

Roll me in that cold hard cash any day because along with all that money buys you confidence in yourself to know you are successful in your endeavors

Good health is important to me I’ve seen too much sickness and suffering not to appreciate good health

I mix
I blend
I create

Something new everyday

It comes out spectacular and other times it bombs out either way I write about it in my journal if for nothing else so I don’t make the same mistake again

And for good results to be repeated and perfectedThat journal of mine is just indispensable to me

It contains all my magickal recipes sort of in the same way a cook creates a perfect meal I create a perfect spell

By keeping a written record of my magickal activities I am able to chart my progress and create a lasting tradition that I can pass on…

…they say…

If you possess a Witch’s Book of Shadows you possess the key that would unlock the secrets of the Universe…❤


…to begin on the night of any Full Moon

smudge stick

Any small bundle of dried herbs will do for smudging held together by cord usually the bundle is made of


But you can use what you have on handIt is customary to bless your journal (book of shadows) before you begin to work with it

On the night of a Full Moon place the
smudge stick

On your altar or table

Light the candle


by force by will by potent power
the spirits I summon this ritual hour

to charge this book with wisdom well
to cast the perfect rite and spell

Open the book on the first page draw a pentagram with the penIn the center of the pentagram write your name (real name or magickal name)

Close the book and light the smudge

When the smudge begins to burn pass the book through the cleansing smoke


all negative thoughts are banished
all unwanted vibrations are gone

only the forces and powers I wish
shall be within from this moment on

Extinguish the candle and smudge

Wrap your book in black silk and store in a safe and secret place

Even though we do share ideas spells and rituals it is unwise to allow others to read it or handle your book

Upon a Witch’s death if her book(s) have not be handed down to another by her will

The book is burned

When it comes to WitchCraft I always found it best to keep your own (secret) counsel!

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