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TEMPTATION IN WITCHCRAFT There will always be times when circumstances create moments of Temptation Magick encourages its curiosity and allows us to reward ourselves with the creativity it develops in our senses To wield Magick Power you must possess and … Continue reading

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Clearing Old Energies

Originally posted on Beneath the Hawthorne:
Before working magick you must clear your psyche of old energies that no longer serve you. You also must investigate any detrimental beliefs that you have carried from former lifetimes. Until you complete these…

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Granny’s Kitchen Table

Originally posted on Beneath the Hawthorne:
Practical magic is in everything we do. It should be in all the mundane details of life. You will find that you are in a constant state of magic once you have centered yourself…

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How to communicate with plants and trees

Originally posted on THE HOLISTIC WORKS:
by Bob Makransky In order to communicate with plants (or people), you have to be able to regard them as your equals. If you are afraid (ashamed) to talk with homeless people, beggars, crazy…

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The Ankh

Originally posted on Paths I Walk:
The Ankh is one of the most well-known and widely used symbols of ancient Egypt. It is in their myths, hieroglyphs, texts and art. What is the Ankh symbolizing? Mainstream ideas are “life”, “breath…

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