There will always be times when circumstances create moments of Temptation

Magick encourages its curiosity and allows us to reward ourselves with the creativity it develops in our senses

To wield Magick Power you must possess and have a desire for Temptation to entice yourself to do something wicked

To gratifying your guilty pleasures with an activity you know you should do more of…but don’t

To indulge yourself fully

Thinking about what you want and feel the emotions of wanting it

To seduce within yourself a sense of playfulness and let it melt inside you

Holding Magick Power is not for the passive

It is not for the occasional dabbler nor is it a hobby

Certainly it is a walking path of a chosen life style

Employed by those who are unwilling to submit meekly to their destiny or fateHave the Temptation to strengthen your WillPower

Picture in your mind the gap between wanting something and having it

That pull of tension on you drawing you toward that Temptation

Don’t we have a hard time staying in that tension and resisting the pull?

Touching upon the suspense of anticipation that will give me pleasure

Feeling deep down inside the desire itself is what we crave

That which gives us pleasure turns out to be the key to strengthen our WillPower

If you must…don’t think of it as Temptation…feel it as anticipation

When you feel tempted by something take a moment to feel the real pleasure of that tension

Once again…

Indulge yourself fullyThen in turn using Temptation to your advantage

That secret desire is appetite and just how hungry are you?

Temptation is a good thing if you use it wisely

Temptation is nothing more than when desire meets opportunity

So stay aggressive and never ignore your Temptations

use this Ritual when you want to clear and heal negative vibes in your home or place of work

1 white candle
1 black candle
1 green candle

White candle: positive energy
Black candle: negative energy
Green candle: healing

Place the 3 candles side by side on a candle holder tray

Put them in a room or area you will be in for awhile

Could be living room watching TV or on the computer

Kitchen cooking

Or in the tub taking a hot bubble bath

Set the candles up with the white candle to the left ~ black candle in the center ~ green candle to the right side together on the tray

Light the white candle first then the black lastly the green

Leave them burn till they reach down to their wicks and burn themselves out

Take the wick of the Black candle and bury it deep into the Earth and at a place far away from where you liveThe White Candle will release into the atmosphere positive vibrations

The Black candle will burn off any and all negative energy that is lurking around

As the Green candle will begin to heal what has been ailing your special and sacred space

{{this ritual can be preformed at anytime of day or night during any moon phases in any room or area when you feel you just may be tempted}} πŸ’‹


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9 Responses to TEMPTATION

  1. chris jensen says:

    A passionate secret i should be using!

    kiss chris kiss

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