FULL MOON…surrender


There is nothing you need to do

Other than let go of control

Allow yourself to effortlessly surrender without holding anything back

There is no part of yourself that is outside of this surrender

The moment your mind takes you elsewhere


And bring it back your thoughts back to that effortless surrender

Leave behind all the striving sweating and responsibilities of your everyday life and worries

There is nothing you need to do but surrender

The Universe has something in mind for all of us far greater then we could ever imagine for ourselves so don’t put a limit on it by expecting a certain outcome

Our job during this time of the Full Moon is just to be in surrender to all those possibilitiesBegin to harmonizing our beliefs with practical routines

Time to arrange things in our material world sensibly

Put our hands to work in a skillful weaving so we can release lighten the load and move forward

Yes…of course…

There are parts of our lives that cannot be maneuvered through our physical efforts nor can we organize them in our intellectual minds

To learn somethings will never fit into earthly boxes or material understanding

…and perhaps it’s time to move forward into new ones

If there is anything you have been working on that you can’t quite seem to put the finishing touches on now is a good time to consider wrapping it up

It’s a good time to get ready to begin a new adventureFinish one journey so you have space to create the next one


Under this Full Moon Night surrender all efforts

Let go of fears
Let go of concerns
Let go of obsessing

Let go of the sense that you believe there’s something wrong with you

Surrender your feelings
Surrender your mind
Surrender your soul

Until there is nothing left…

Touch this level

Release Shed Transform

You must let go of any resistance that is holding you back from a fresh start

Light a candle
Play music
Get a piece of paper and a pen

Create a list of all that you are ready to let go of

Write down a positive statement about yourself

Who you desire to become

Whatever you’re thinking or feeling is fine don’t try to change it in any way

Find yourself during this intense timeOnce you have created your list (take your time with it) your relaxed and are ready burn the list go outdoors and toss the ashes to the ground as soon the wind shall find them

…and take your first action step forward onto your new journey…❤

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  1. practicalpsyche says:

    Reblogged this on Beneath the Hawthorne and commented:
    I hope you are all experiencing a wonderful full Virgo moon. Here is terrific advice from Hocuspocus13…

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