Laying Down Hoodoo Tricks


IN THE DARK Book of Shadows


Hoodoo spells are often referred to as laying down tricks, fixing tricks, throwing down or laying down. The practice involves a ritual or action where an item is laid down, buried, hidden or thrown in a spot where someone is likely to walk over it. Herbs, powders and other ingredients are placed in a place where the intended target will come in contact with them, with the intention of causing a specific effect.

For many, hoodoo tricks are seen only as negative acts such as hexing or jinxing. While these practices are a part of hoodoo, there is more to the art of laying down than just inflicting harm on others. It is just as common for someone to lay down a blessing as it is for them to put a curse in your path.

Laying down tricks encompasses more than spreading or burying objects or powders. You can lay…

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One Response to Laying Down Hoodoo Tricks

  1. chris jensen says:

    To turn an art around,

    placing simple magick

    hidden within the ground,

    blessing all those

    whom have crossed round…

    kiss chris kiss

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